Jill "Sissy" Strong - Vocals

As the newest member of 13 Stories, Jill brings strong female vocals to our show, allowing us to bring to you the best of the 80s female artists!


13 Stories uses RCF PA systems, MiPro and Shure IEMs, Avlex Wireless microphones

Dave uses: Vintage Marshall JCM800 amplifiers, Gibson, BC Rich, Kramer, Carvin and PRS guitars.

Dan Uses: Tama drums and Vic Firth drum sticks

Rick Topeka uses: Ampeg bass amplifiers, Fender and Steinberger bass guitars

Billy uses: Nord and Yamaha keyboards

Paul Hearn

Paul has been a fixture in the W. PA and Central PA music scene since the mid 80s. Paul has sang or played bass for a number of rock acts in the Tri State Area. Most recently, Paul was the 2008 WDVE Hairband Idol winner, just prior to his joining 13 Stories. Paul also plays bass when we all switch instruments!

Dave Batistig - Guitar

Dave has been playing 70s and 80s music since first learning to play guitar at age 10. Although he has played different styles during his career, 80s rock has always been his first love!

Dan Rummel - Drums

Dan has been playing the drums for nearly as long as he could walk! A founding member of The Inmates in the mid 80s, dan has been involved in the W. PA music scene for his entire career. Ever the showman, when he comes out front and does lead vocals mid way thru the show, its anybody's guess which "Dan" we will get! His costume changes are always a crowd pleaser!

Billy Citeroni - Keyboards

Billy has been playing keyboards in various acts, locally and regionally, since the early 80's, playing everything from oldies, funk, 80s pop and 80s hard rock. Billy also subs in on drums when we all switch instruments during the show!

Rick Topeka - Bass Guitar

Richie is the foundation of our powerful rhythm section! Ever the professional, he lays down flawlessly solid bass lines night after night! Like the rest of the band he has been involved in the W. PA music scene since the mid 80s. Richie is also an accomplished keyboard player. 

Next Appearing...

The PREMIER 80's Rock Show!!

Bringing you the best of the 80s!!

Nov 22

Blackbull Saloon, rt 85 Rural Valley, PA Thanksgiving Eve Party!!

13 Stories